Lifetime tracking of honeybees – Konstanz 2018 data

Golden Shiners fish in groups of 10, 30, 70, and 151

  • Dryad Data download link
  • Short video showing movement
  • Data includes tracked fish with corrected trajectories to maintain individual identities
  • Related publication: Davidson, J. D., Sosna, M.M.G., Twomey, C.R., Sridhar, V.H., Leblanc, S.P., Couzin, I.D. Collective detection based on visual information in animal groups. Journal of The Royal Society Interface18, 20210142 (2021).

Collective behavior of mutant zebrafish

  • Dryad Data download link.
  • 90 mutant lines, groups of 6 fish, multiple trials per line. Full dataset is ~42gb
  • Publication: Tang, W., Davidson, J.D., Zhang, G., Conen, K.E., Fang, J., Serluca, F., Li, J., Xiong, X., Coble, M., Tsai, T., Molind, G., Fawcett, C.H., Sanchez, E., Zhu, P., Couzin, I.D., Fishman, M.C., 2020. Genetic control of collective behavior in zebrafish. iScience 0.

Motion of desert harvester ants in nest entrance chamber

  • Stanford data repository download link.
  • Manually tracked trajectories of desert harvester ants during foraging activity. Videos also in repository for download.
  • Related publications:
    • Davidson, J.D., Arauco-Aliaga, R.P., Crow, S., Gordon, D.M., Goldman, M.S., 2016. Effect of interactions between harvester ants on forager decisions. Front. Ecol. Evol. 4, 115.
    • Davidson, J.D., Gordon, D.M., 2017. Spatial organization and interactions of harvester ants during foraging activity. Journal of The Royal Society Interface 14, 20170413.